Run everything from 1 domotics system

Upgrade your convenience

Gain insight into your energy consumption and automatically switch devices on or off. Easily configure devices remotely or in advance. Sensoo assists and supports you to make your life even easier.

Improve the quality of your home, life and work. Starting now, benefit from the latest technology. Choose a platform that allows you to see the status of the energy or gas consumption in your house or company building at a glance.


Make your life even more comfortable


Track everything and gain insight


Optimise your energy usage and save money

Sensoo provides the advice you need to upgrade your convenience

We will help you with the following:

Insight into energy, water and gas consumption

Insight into temperature and humidity

Insight into well level statuses

System for irrigation control

Advice regarding energy, water and gas savings

Advice regarding sensor types

Installation, management and maintenance of security camera's

Switch technology for swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas etc.

Digital measurement & control systems for chloride salt systems

Switch technology, doors, gates and locks

Lighting automation

Installation of secure cloud (online) or server (local) environment

Installation of stable, secure internet and scalable WiFi systems

You can easily manage everything yourself, and you can get started in a matter of minutes. Check our webshop to find the perfect sensors for your house or company building.

You can read more about domotics and its benefits here.

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