About us

Sensoo is the result of a collaboration between two companies. Equipment Control and VeroCon. Both companies are unique in terms of the quality and service they provide. To meet the increasing demand for knowledge and expertise in the field of domotics and automation, these two companies decided to join forces. Via this collaboration, Sensoo will be able to further optimise the services being offered.

Sensoo is a specialist. We offer advice on the optimal domotics solutions for use in the home or office. In cooperation with private or business users, we design the smartest platforms to make your life even easier. Choose an upgrade and ask us about the possibilities.

Sensoo will make sure the system works the way it should and everything is implemented correctly. We can do so at any location. A (holiday) house, farmhouse, school, hotel, office, (holiday) resort or care institutions and stores.

Just like its users, Sensoo is unique. Every user has their own demands and preferences. We understand that. We take stock of all of your needs and demands and provide you with a customised system to increase your quality of life and work.

We translate our expertise in sensor and measuring technology into excellent domotics (home automation). Domotics improves your living quality by combining technology and services. One of the key advantages of domotics is that lots of systems can be connected in a single platform. This way, you'll have access to a convenient system that gives you all the information you need.

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